Halloween “Heksenketel” Studio by Akka A5-vel


Our finished disposable sheets with fake tattoos are approximately 20×15 cm large and filled with the design you see in the picture.o ensure your satisfaction, we will print and send the sheet within 24 hours after you have ordered. This sheet is designed by the talented tattoo Annica at Akkas Tattoo.

Bestel halloween fake tatoeages getekend door een echte tatoeëerder! Leuk voor op je feest, tatoeëer jezelf en je gasten

This is Annica: I have always loved to draw and work with my hands.
The dream of becoming a tattoo artist grew stronger for each year, until I finally decided to take the big step and open my own shop. I’m completely self-thaught and have worked hard to get to where I’m today. I have been a tattoo artist for almost eight years now and I love my job. I’m participating at several tattoo conventions each year. In 2018 I won my first price in a tattoo competition and in 2019 I got sponsorship from IQ Tattoocare and Supply-division Denmark.
What I like to tattoo the most is all different kinds of designs in color in styles like avantgarde, trash polka and watercolor. But I don’t want to be limoted so therefore I’m tattooing almost everything. If you want to know more about me and see my work then check out the links.

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Akkas Tattoo

Akkas Tattoo

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