Illustraties door Nathalie Anna Gill A5 vel


Our finished disposable sheets with temporary tattoos are approximately 20×14 cm large and filled with the design you see in the picture. We print and send the sheet within 24 hours after you have ordered.

Fake tattoos designed by illustrator Nathalie Anna Gill

We can proudly present a collaboration between us at Like ink and the illustrator Nathalie Anna Gill.
Hope you like her art as much as we do.

Nathalie: – My name is Nathalie Anna Gill and I am an Illustrator based in Stockholm.
It all started when I was a small child and finally could hold pencils and crayons! Since then, I have simply not stopped drawing.
Years later, my biggest passions in life are still illustrating and creating.
I have worked in the industry professionally for over 10 years and absolutely love it!

I work with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in the program Fresco.
My illustrations have clear lines, geometric patterns and strong colors.
I am inspired by uniqueness, beauty and style.

Nathalie Anna Gill is a one-woman show.
I do all illustrations myself by hand with love and care.

Get in touch with Nathalie: