Markeer je golfballen met neptattoos!


Use temporary tattoos as golf ball marker!

Bestel neptatoeages om je golfballen te labelen en ze uniek te maken! Productie in Zweden, goede prijzen en snelle levering

Forget traditional golf ball markers, boring golf ball stamps and messy self made markings. Label / mark your golf balls with temporary tattoos instead!

The motifs in this sheet are designed to fit the size of golf balls (1-2 cm wide) but work just as well on your skin or other surfaces. The size of the sheet is about 20X14 cm and holds all 105 tattoos with different designs. We print and ship from Sweden within 24 hours.

It’s easy and looks great. The temporary tattoos allow a personal marking of your golf ball so that you can easily identify it.

This is how you mark your golf ball with fake tattoos!

– Cut the tattoo from the sheet with as little margin as possible.
– Begin by removing the protective plastic film.
– Place the temporary tattoo on the golf ball.
– Press on the tattoo with a wet sponge for 15-30 seconds.
– Carefully remove the wet paper.
– Finished! Lets play!